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Asus My Cinema-U3100Mini TV Tuner Review

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Testing a TV tuner is more subjective than based on numbers. CPU usage was negligible (perhaps 1%) – likely due to the enhanced hardware acceleration. The performance of this device will be measured in two ways – if it performs its designated tasks, and how well. Basically, I will be looking through all the features that Asus claims the My Cinema-U3100Mini offers, checking them off if it works and also giving my opinion based upon the quality of the features (for example, picture image).


Testing System:

The software ran smoothly and never crashed for me. It is also simple yet doesn’t sacrifice features for simplicity. The Sidebar gadget is also a cool little feature, along with the security and plug-n-play programs – which all worked perfectly, except the security feature that I do not have a system to test with. The included antenna would not locate any broadcasts, and so it either doesn’t work or isn’t strong enough to pick up a signal, or there are no signals in my neighborhood. I cannot confirm any ATSC broadcasts in my city, but a nearby town does have some ATSC over-the-air broadcasts.

Watch DTV Coaxial Pass
Watch DTV Antenna
Record DTV
All Pass (Exception: unconfirmed on security TSSI)

The picture quality is superb, as HD digital broadcasts should be. There are no tearing or other anomalies, although it is easy to accidentally jerk the tuner around when using the thick coaxial cables. On one such accident the device stuttered along until I gently realigned everything, it then resumed normal operations.



The device acts as it should and overall is quite user-friendly. So in my opinion, it passes the test!

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  3. Installation & Configuration
  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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