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Asus My Cinema-U3100Mini TV Tuner Review

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Installing the device is extremely easy. Just plug in the adapter you wish to use and make sure to push it in all the way. Then insert the device into an available USB slot and if using the coaxial adapter then a cord must also be inserted. Next, insert the driver disc and click "Install drivers."



Configuring the device is easy as all you must do is install the drivers on the first disc, with any optional extras; extra features include Asus TSSI, which shows signal strength over the antenna, and Asus Video Security for use with security cameras. Then insert the software disc and simply install the software. The tuner also has a gadget for the Sidebar, which is nifty, but not extremely useful – perhaps news and cooking shows, or other broadcasts that do not require much visual components.







The TotalMedia software is easy to use and set up. The TV portion asks what region the user is from, but since this tuner is ATSC only, the user should be from North America since that is the only area that uses (or will use) ATSC transmissions. Next, the software asks how the user will use the tuner – via cable or antenna.



Once finished searching for channels, you may begin watching television. Full screen forces the viewing area to take up the entire area of the TotalMedia application. If the application itself is maximized then the entire screen will display the show. EPG is the TV guide, Channels are channels that have been detected, Recorded TV are episodes that you would have recorded, and Schedule allows a user to have the program automatically record a show. The options at the bottom allow users to watch television as if they were watching a movie - pause, fast forward, etc. The red button also records the show. There are controls for the volume and channel as well as favorite channel, aspect ratios, different audio types, taking snapshots of a show, and the ability to change the transmission source on the fly from cable to antenna or vice versa.



Configuring the tuner is extremely easy, and the software is simple but good.

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