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ASUS Triton 78 Review

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When it comes to looks and a different design for a CPU cooler, I think that the ASUS Triton is the perfect combination of both - as I have not seen a cooler that uses two separate towers connected to the same base with a fan built in between the two towers before. However, I was very surprised to see that ASUS' creation was unable to topple the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. It did, however, give some of the other coolers - like the Scythe Shuriken and the ASUS Triton 85 - a run for their money, and beat them out when it came down to the raw temperatures. I have always been a fan of a large base on a cooler; it makes me feel more comfortable to see that the base can cover the entire IHS of the processor, and then some. The use of the four heatpipes (two per tower) is a great way to keep the temperatures lower than some of the other coolers that are out on the market. The Triton 78 also gained some extra points because of its multi-platform design, which allows it to be used on a large variety of different AMD socket types, as well as the Intel LGA 775 socket. Speaking of using different socket types, it was able to keep its tool-less installation promise - the only time I needed a screwdriver was to attach the mounting brackets to the base of the cooler. Unfortunately, the price of the cooler coming in at over the $60 mark does not bode well it, especially when it was unable to perform like the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme. I would, however, suggest this cooler to anyone who is looking for a nifty looking cooler that will be able to keep their processor cooler than some of the other coolers that are out on the market. As a replacement for that stock Intel heatsink, the Asus Triton 78 does what it's supposed to do, cool that processor.



  • Large base
  • Four copper heatpipes
  • Large in size
  • Multi-Platform design
  • Tool-less installation
  • Temperatures (relative)
  • 120MM fan



  • Price
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