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ASUS Sabertooth X58 Review

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Closer Look:

Two SATA cables come with a 90° connector on them for plugging into tight spaces and also to aid in wire management where clean wiring is desired. Another two standard SATA cables are also included, two are solid black and two are black with white ends and all have latches to keep them from accidentally getting unplugged. A single SLI cable is included to run two NVIDIA cards together in SLI. Two Q-Connectors are included, one for USB (Although it is uncommon, not all USB drives are wired for standard USB pin-outs ) and the other for the front panel buttons and LED indicators which are found on most cases. The I/O plate has a black sticker with device logos and names to help users easily identify which port does what. The user manual looks similar to the box that it came in. Tucked away inside of the manual is the driver disk along with a case badge to proudly display that the motherboard inside is an ASUS! Another booklet for the warranty notice is included as well as a solid piece of paper listing the testing performed on the TUF Components.


















Four SATA cables are included with the motherboard. One set is solid black while the other is black with some white on the ends. Each pair has a single 90° end on them to make it easier to reach either the drive or motherboard, while the other has the standard end. Editor's Note: Don't do what I did and install the 90° end on a hard drive in a cage - pulling out the hard drive caused the back end of the bend to catch the drive cage and bent the fingers on the HD PCB, luckily it didn't crack.  All of the cables use the latching system to ensure that the cords don’t accidentally come loose. The ASUS Q-Connectors make hooking up loose wires much easier, the gray block can be wired for the case LEDs and power/reset buttons and then installed. Since it only fits one way, it is a breeze to install. This saves users from having to look at the motherboard or the manual to find out where each plug goes and then trying to get them into the right pins. A keyed USB Q-Connector is also included in the event that a USB device doesn’t already have the standard nine-pinned connection. For hooking up video cards, a single SLI bridge is thrown in although Quad-SLI is supposedly supported even though there are only dual x16 lanes and a x16 length-x4 electrical lane, and a pair of x1 slots meaning, triple card configurations are much more plausible.



The I/O plate has a black sticker with white writing and icons to designate what each port is for - making it much more user friendly. The back side has a padded mesh cover to give it a tighter seal with the motherboard.



With everything unpacked, it is time to closely examine the Sabertooth X58!

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