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ASUS ROG Rampage V Edition 10 Review

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ASUS ROG Rampage V Edition 10 Conclusion:

As a top end motherboard, the Rampage V Edition 10 is tough to beat both visually and in the hardware capabilities that allow it to deliver excellent performance. If you want every feature and the kitchen sink, too, you can get it with the Rampage V Edition 10. As a means of celebrating 10 years of the brand, the message comes across loud and clear that performance, as well as exciting visuals, are both key features to shoot for. When you look at comparative performance, all of the X99 boards I tested deliver performance within a narrow envelope both at stock and overclocked settings, so what makes this board stand out?

It's that you have the tools to shoot for the moon, even if your hardware won't get you there. From the 8-phase Extreme Engine Digi+ VRM to the OC Socket, DDR4 DRAM T-Topology layout, 10K Black capacitors, and more all allow you to achieve what the hardware will give you. Add in a world class UEFI BIOS that is as robust or as minimalist as you want with both an EZ and Advanced mode that give you all the basic functionality without being overwhelming. Should you want to go deeper, ASUS will oblige you in the Extreme Tweaker section of the BIOS.

Overclocking comes in several flavors on the Rampage V Edition 10. Using ASUS F11 tool in the BIOS or choosing one of several options in the Extreme Tweaker section of the UEFI BIOS let you sit back and watch the tools work. In this case, a solid 3.875GHz overclock was as simple as choosing the tool in the BIOS and selecting it. Using the 5-Way Optimization tool in AiSuite III within the operating system follows the same algorithms, but adds a few more twists into the mix by tuning fan performance, as well as the CPU and DRAM performance settings. Manual overclocking is going to get you the highest overclock with most boards and this one is no different in that regard. A speed of 4.4GHz is the maximum all core overclock my Core i7 6950X can deliver with even the custom water cooling solution I use. However, if you want a no fuss overclock, this board delivers and you can always push a little harder.

The ASUS software ecosystem has come a long way from a bunch of semi-buggy software years ago to a fully integrated package that just works. It's all about adding value to the package with tools that help out and allow you to use all the features of the motherboard. Tools like Keybot, GameFIrst LAN control, AURA lighting to control all the on-board RGB LEDs, Fan Xpert 4, RAMCache, and RAMDisk just work. You get an excellent connectivity package with Dual Gigabit LAN Guard protected ports and a 1300Mbps wireless solution. The lists just goes on and on. The Supreme FX sound solution is one of, if not the best on the market with the SupremeFX  Hi-Fi external DAC as an added feature. At the hardware level ASUS has built an audiophile-level sound solution that gives the gamer unparalleled audio quality.

Currently priced at $568, the Rampage V Edition 10 is not a bargain proposition, but when you are plunking down $1000 to $1500 for a processor, dropping $550 for a motherboard does not seem like that far of a stretch. Any way you go, the Rampage V Edition 10 pushes all the right buttons. It is visually exciting and has the hardware to deliver the overclocking performance we have come to expect. 


  • Overclocking
  • AURA lighting
  • SupremeFX sound solution
  • USB 3.1 A and C
  • ASUS software package


  • None
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