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ASUS P7H55D-M EVO Review

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Closer Look:

ASUS Express Gate is a application powered by SplashTop that can be accessed prior to booting into Windows. After this program is installed it will be the first screen you see when you power your system on. To start the program you simply press any key when you see the Express Gate screen and that will cancel a ten second countdown. If you do not press a key, the countdown will continue and after the ten seconds the system will start normally.

Once you are in the application you, there are options at the bottom that will allow you to surf the net, use Skype, IM, play online games or even view images. This is a very quick loading application and even though it is not a replacement for a operating system it could be a good choice for your simple computing needs.



















ASUS Turbo V is a utility that is part of the Xtreme Design and will allow you to easily overclock your system from within Windows. After this program has started, the user can either choose a preset overclocking level that will determine the systems speed or manually use the controls found below. This is a very easy to use application and even though it doesn't give you the detailed controls found in the BIOS, it could be very useful for a quick and easy overclock. In the last image, you can see that this tool will allow for some pretty extreme (but not recommend) settings.




ASUS Probe II is a program that monitors your systems vitals as well as notifies the user of any problems. This tool can give detailed information about your HDD, memory, and CPU. Additionally, it also senses the CPU temps, fan speeds, and system voltages.





ASUS AI SUITE is a simple program that allows you to view system information and launch several ASUS utilities



ASUS Turbo Key is also a program included as part of the Xtreme Design and when active turns the power switch on you case into a overclocking switch. Once the program has started, you will see the power icon in the menu glow red and from that point you will be able to use your power button for a quick overclock. After the button has been hit, it will activate a scaling technology that will increase the systems processing speed when under load. This is essentially what Intel's SpeedStep technology does, so unless SpeedStep is disabled or unavailable this program will not need to be used.



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