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Asus P6X58D Premium Review

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Closer Look:

As expected, the P6X58D Premium comes with a premium bundle. Everything you need to get up and running with this board is included, and then some. First time builders will really appreciate the inclusions, and veteran builders will store the extras approvingly.















I am personally a huge fan of Asus' I/O shields. What sets them apart is the very finished and professional product that each customer ends up with. There are no screwy tabs to deal with here, no sharp edges, and on this shield, there is a high quality label on the external side of the shield, making the identity of each port that much easier to read. On the internal side, we find yet another quality feature in the form of EMI insulation, keeping everything outside out, and everything inside in. This is huge piece of mind considering the board-shorting potential offered in its absence.



To accompany its gauntlet of SATA expandability, the P6X58D Premium includes 3.0Gb/s and 6.0Gb/s cables. The cables come in the form of standard straight heads, as well as 90 degree heads for superior flexibility. Also included is a back panel bracket, expanding your options with two USB 2.0 ports, and an eSATA port.


I love ASUS' implementation of their Q-Connectors. They are cheap, elegant, and very user friendly. Remember those little scrapes and hand cramps you got from trying to wedge all the stupid front panel connectors to the motherboard headers? Keep that as a distant memory! With Q-Connectors, each pin is labeled, so no manual is necessary, and you can simply attach the cables outside of the case and slip the Q-Connector on with everything attached in one fell swoop. For the gamers out there, ASUS gives you both a standard SLI cable, as well as a Tri-SLI adapter to connect your system. Keep in mind that this board is Crossfire ready as well, but the Crossfire link cables are generally shipped with the cards.



As usual, ASUS pleases with its accessory bundle. Will the board itself follow suit?

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