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Asus P6T Review

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Closer Look:

Asus has been known to put together a pretty substantial bundle of accessories with its boards. More so with the Deluxe versions than with the plain Jane models. The included bundle is not really large but it does include everything you need to get the board installed and functional. The documentation includes the driver disc and users' manual.




















One thing many video cards do not come with is the multi GPU bridge connector. Some do, some don't, but Asus has taken care of that problem by including connectors for nVidia's standard and Tri SLI GPU solutions. The multi GPU capabilities of the P6T include nVidia's Tri SLI and AMD's Crossfire and QuadfireX configurations. One of the neatest parts that Asus started including was the Q-Connectors. These connectors allow you to hook up the front panel connectors to a single plug and then connect this plug to the motherboard. This means no more squinting trying to get the front panel connectors on the board and in the correct order to ensure functionality. How many of you have hooked up the USB connection wrong in the past or had the small single wires pull off when you are trying to get the next wire installed? It's now a thing of the past.



The I/O panel, or Q-Shield as Asus calls it, is designed to decrease any electromagnetic interference out of or into the chassis through this area. It is also designed to make sure that any static electrical charges do not reach the motherboard and cause a failure. Instead of the usual knockouts that leave rough edges and tabs that get hung in the I/O connectors, the Q-Shield has a foam backing and smooth holes to prevent any injuries or short circuits. It's not as ornately labeled as the one with the P6T Deluxe but that really does not matter.



The drive cables that are included are an Ultra DMA cable and four SATA cables. Two of the SATA cables have 90 degree ends for use when needed. There is not a lot here but this will get you connected.



Let's see what the P6T has to offer.


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