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ASUS P5QL-E Review

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When it comes to the software end of configuring the ASUS P5QL-E there are a few different pieces of software that are suggested to be installed so that you are able to bask in the many different features of the motherboard. The first piece of software is going to be the ASUS AI Suite. This is the software that is going to allow you not only to monitor the important information on your computer, but also allow you to overclock it. The second piece of software that is important to install will be the Chipset Drivers. You can pretty much tell why this is important by the name as it will allow your operating system (Windows Vista) to recognize and utilize the P5QL-E to its fullest extent. The third piece of software is the ASUS Express Gate software which is somewhat like a driver. You are unable to run an application after the installation from Windows. However, it will allow the ASUS Express Gate to work when you first turn your computer on.


The Installation of the ASUS AI Suite is very easy to complete - all you need to do is launch the executable to install it and follow the on-screen information that shows up.  















The next step is to open up the AI suite to make sure that it has been installed and runs properly. The first page that you get when you open it up is the screen that, in very large numbers, shows you your CPU Clock speed in real-time. The reason that my Q9450 is at 1998MHz is because of Intel's power saving features that throttles the CPU speed during a very low CPU usage time that I have not yet disabled. At the top there is information such as your system temperature and your CPU temperature. Well, the important part of the ASUS AI Suite is the AI Booster - a lot of people use this piece of software for overclocking your computer from Windows. This feature allows you to change a few BIOS settings from inside the Windows environment for what ever reason you have. You can change your multiplier as well as the FSB frequency. If you go to the next tab you are able to change the RAM voltages as well as the RAM frequency which can be helpful if you are trying to get those RAM speeds higher. The final tab is the PCI-E frequency which is a setting that I personally do not mess around with.




The next piece of software that I will be installing are the chipset drivers from Intel which will allow Windows to utilize the newly installed motherboard as effectively as possible. This software installation is extremely easy as the only thing that you have to do is follow the on-screen directions, click the 'next' button and wait for it to install everything. Just to let you know, during this installation, the screen does turn off for a little bit. However, this is normal so do not freak out.




Once the drivers are installed, the final piece of software to install to be able to unlock all of the features of the P5QL-E is the ASUS Express Gate software. This is the driver software that will allow you to be able to get Internet access in 5 seconds after you turn your computer on! What a great feature. So let's get the software installed.



Well now that we have all of the motherboard installed and the software installed, let's take a look at what the specifications and the features for this board are.


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