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Asus P5E3 Premium [email protected] Review

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Closer Look:

The bundle of goods that Asus provides will get you started and then some. There are enough SATA cables - six - as well as an IDE and floppy ribbon cable, a 1394 Firewire/USB 2.0 expansion bracket, two omnidirectional antennas, the manuals and driver disc, the Q connectors, Q shield and two fans to mount on the cooling assembly if you will be passively cooling the CPU. The SATA, IDE and floppy ribbon cables are self explanatory and need no further review, but many of the other pieces warrant a closer look.



















The Q connectors are a nifty little feature to have which I am glad to see still included. How many times have you been hunched over that latest build trying to get the little connections for the USB, Firewire and front panel connections mounted to the board? Well not anymore. Place the wires on the Q connectors and push an entire assembly on instead of doing the tiny wire shuffle hoping for a positive outcome. Each connector is clearly labeled so that the wires go on right the first time. The other Q is the Q shield. This I/O shield from Asus has something missing. Can you spot it? That's right, no small metal tabs to break out or push out of the way to use all of the connectivity the board has to offer, as well as no more cut fingers trying to remove the metal tabs.



The Q fan is used when the P5E3 Premium will be used in a passively cooled environment such as when the CPU is water cooled. These fans clip on to the heatsinks above the VRM circuits, providing additional airflow to cool these components down.



The omnidirectional antennas are used with the wireless 802.11n built in wireless network card. This gives you connectivity to the web in any room of the house. The Firewire/USB expansion bracket will allow for an additional two USB ports to be utilized on the back end of the PC.



You have seen how the P5E3 Premium [email protected] comes to the consumer and the accessories that it ships with, so now let's get up close and personal with the board.


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