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ASUS M3N-HT 780a SLi Review


Closer Look:

The BIOS is one of the most overlooked gold mines of a computer system. This little program controls how a system performs and interacts with all of the hardware. Here is where you can control speeds, voltages, fans, IRQs, and more. There are several manufacturers of BIOSes, however Award and Phoenix, or better known merged Phoenix-Award, is the most prevalent lately. The BIOS has the ability to be altered by the motherboard manufacturer to suit the needs of the system. Today, we are going to take a look at the M3N-HT's BIOS, which is a Phoenix-Award BIOS.



The Main section allows the user to view system settings such as date and time and change drive settings for the HDD, Floppy, and CD/DVD drives.






The Power section lets you control the ACPI suspend type from S1 to S3, change Advanced Power Management features such as wake by LAN and other devices, and monitor the system information such as fan speeds, temperatures, and voltage.




The Boot section is where you can alter the order that the devices start during the boot sequence and other basic boot settings.




The Tools section is a neat little section that lets people such as enthusiasts have some extra control over their system. I am always making changes to the BIOS and ASUS makes it easy to save and load profiles so you do not have to remember each setting for different setups. In the Tools section there is also the ability to enter ASUS EZ Flash 2, which is an easy BIOS saver/updater that lets you load and save the BIOS files from removable drives such as a floppy or even a USB thumb drive. This is also where you enable or disable the Express Gate feature to have quick access to internet accessible programs.



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