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ASUS M3N-HT 780a SLi Review



For the extras section, I wanted to post the temperatures for the Mempipe. ASUS claims a decrease in memory temperatures up to 10C with the Mempipe installed. I ran the Sisoft Sandra XII memory tests for 30 minutes without the Mempipe on and took the temperature at the end of the 30 minutes. I then attached the Mempipe to the board and tightened it to the memory and again ran the Sandra tests for 30 minutes taking the temperatures at the end. The graphs show the Idle and load temperatures with and without the Mempipe installed. The idle temps were taken after one hour of no computer usage. The temperatures were taken using a Radio Shack Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer.










Express Gate:

Express Gate is a nifty little piece of hardware that lets you boot into a Linux based OS in a few seconds and be able to IM, surf the Net or make Skype calls without having to fully boot into the WIndows Operating system. This comes in handy if you are needing to download a driver to fix or install Windows and you have no other computer to download the files, or say you want to quickly check your email or IM someone and tell them you are running late. Why boot into Windows when you can just boot into Express Gate in a fraction of the time and away you go? The one downfall is that I could not get Express Gate to see my USB keyboards or mice, only the PS/2 ones. This could be a problem for some users that only have USB peripherals.



NVIDIA Hybrid SLi Technology:

NVIDIA has two new technologies that are aimed at conserving power and increasing performance. First is HybridPower. HybridPower allows the system to throttle back power buy using the Motherboard GPU (mGPU) when running everyday applications and when full graphics power is not needed, like when watching HD videos, but then be able to unleash the total performance of a Discrete GPU (dGPU) for those demanding games and applications. This allows the system to reduce power consumption when maximum GPU power is not needed instead of needlessly powering the discrete GPU. This feature is only available when the M3N-HT is paired with a Hybrid SLi ready 9800GTX or a 9800GX2 discrete graphics card.

The other new technology is GeForce Boost which takes the mGPU on the motherboard and combines it with a NVIDIA Hybrid SLi-enabled dGPU to increase performance. By combining the mGPU and the dGPU you can gain more video processing power to give you an edge in games and an increase in graphics performance without having to spend a lot of money on a more powerful video card. This feature is available only when used with a Hybrid SLi ready 8400GS or 8500GT.

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