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ASUS HD 6950 Review

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From what I saw, the Cayman Pro-equipped ASUS HD6950 performed more or less as it was meant to. Like the reference design, it was able to usually outperform, or perform as well as, the GTX 480. Once overclocked, the card, every once in a while, came close to the GTX 580, which was nice to see. The card's overclocking ability was good, with a nice 20% bonus in clock speed over the factory-delivered speeds. 965MHz on the core and 1505MHz on the GDDR5 memory is really nothing to turn your nose up at, since it equates to free performance — Albeit with a little work on your own to get there. ASUS's Smart Doctor utility is flexible enough to allow the clock speeds and voltages to be enhanced with an easy to use GUI.

The temperatures I saw while using the card were far from bad and you could tell that the vapor chamber cooling was definitely doing its job. The overclocked temps weren't that unreasonable either, but turning the fan up to 100% produced a lot of noise — a known issue with AMD reference cooling. Really, at this point (100% fan speed), the noise is not what you would want to hear on a continuous basis. Just as with the temperatures, the power consumption from this card wasn't all that bad. It did creep up the charts a bit while sitting at idle with the overclock, but nothing unreasonable. Plus, for $289, you get a great amount of performance. Not only that, but if you've got six monitors that support DisplayPort connections, you'll be able to run all six off this one ASUS HD6950. In the end, this isn't a bad card, and it comes at a very reasonable price tag.


  • Price/Performance
  • Eyefinity
  • Good Cooler
  • Overclocking
  • Smart Doctor


  • Loud Fan
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