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ASUS GTX 650 Ti DirectCU II TOP Review

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The ASUS GTX 650 Ti performed spectacularly in its range, offering top of the line temperatures and power consumption. The SAP components did not emit any buzzing, which can be heard on many reference cards with cheap components. Fan noise blended in with the case unless forced to run faster than automated control, even then they weren't that loud. Overclocking results were impressive as well: 1255MHz core and 1463MHz memory from 1033MHz and 1350MHz respectively! The two diagnostic LEDs near the 6-pin PCIe power connection should help users and technical support in trouble shooting any issues relating to power. The ASUS GPU Tweak software seems really useful and worked well at overclocking and monitoring the graphics card. With the four outputs available almost everyone should be able to plug the card in and run it. Only three outputs can be used for NVIDIA Surround Technology though. The attentions to detail make this a high quality product that worked perfectly throughout testing!

There really are not any noticeable cons to this product. It performed spectacularly for its model. The only criticism that can be given is really just nit-picking. The heat sink is long, and a inch or two could have been shaved off the length with a redesign. Retooling would cost more for ASUS so I don't blame it for leaving the heat sink as it is. Most cases can fit this card anyway so as said before, this point is just nit-picking and shouldn't be held against it.

Reference prices start around $149 so pricing will decide how hot this card will sell. GTX 660s are currently about $230, so as long as ASUS is fair it should do well! Not many cards run under 50 °C with fans running quietly on automatic at full load.



  • Exceptional Cooling Performance
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Overclockability
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Stiffening bracket



  • Heat sink length


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