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ASUS GTX 570 Review

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With so many choices it can be extremely hard to choose a video card. Both ATI and NVIDIA want you to use one of their chips in your rig, but how do you choose? Both companies have offerings for the higher-end users and both have benefits over the other. The NVIDIA GTX 570 is a great card for both the high-end and mid-range user.

ASUS's factory overclocked edition of the card is definitely a great choice if you do decide to go with a GF110 card. It offered great performance in every benchmark and usually performed on the higher end of our benchmarks. And with a price tag of only $349.99, you really can't go wrong!

The card overclocks very well, especially when compared to NVIDIA's reference card. Once overclocked, we saw a very large performance increase, which is always fun to see. Not only that, but the temperatures weren't all that crazy. The card did heat up quite a bit once at load while being overclocked, but nothing to crazy since the reference Vapor Chamber heat sink is well equipped to manage the heat.

In the end, I'd recommend this card to any high-end or mid-range user. That being said, the price tag can be considered slightly steep for the mid-range, so it may be higher-end users purchasing this card. Either way, I'm sure whoever purchases it will be very pleased.

Editors note, there doesn't seem to be any compelling reason to be purchasing a GTX 480 at the current prices.



  • Great Overclocker
  • Great Performance
  • Decent Temperatures
  • Smart Doctor Software
  • Power consumption (Stock)
  • 3D Ecosystem available



  • Power Consumption (Overclocked Load)
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