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ASUS GTX570 DirectCU II Edition

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Talk about addressing the elephant in the room! ASUS has a good history of producing quality products that don't skimp on quality while still pushing them at competitive prices. With this ENGTX570 DirectCU II Edition card, ASUS has brought to the table a card with a completely original cooling system at nearly the same price as the reference design, but with a pay off. This card is huge. At three expansion slots, some may have to forget their dreams of a slick SLI setup unless they're planning on picking up an extended motherboard with roomier PCI-E configurations. On the upside, the temperatures were rock bottom at stock speeds and, when I cranked the fan up to 100%, the card idled a whopping three degrees over room temperature. That's a testament to the effectiveness of the system that I couldn't hope to best. Better yet, on stock testing, the fans never once cranked up above 20%. If the graph is no longer in your memory, this card STILL had the lowest temperature of the pack under both idle conditions and loaded conditions. That is extremely impressive.

When it comes to making a recommendation on this card, I think the cooling system is a great addition to the card, especially at the price. Choice is good, but really the usefulness of this card is going to lie directly in the hands of the end user. My recommendation on this card is a simple, resounding — if you can fit it and it won't bump things it shouldn't be bumping, and your power supply has the proper power connections above the original specifications, and your motherboard can support the size of this card (twice if you're considering SLI) — YES! 



  • Great Cooling
  • Tons of Overclocking Headroom
  • Price
  • Build Quality
  • Noise Level
  • PhysX



  • 3-Slot Design
  • Requires an 8-Pin + 6-Pin PCI-E Power Connection
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