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Asus ENGTX285 TOP Review

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The Asus ENGTX285 did what it was supposed to do, become the fastest single GPU run through the OverclockersClub suite of gaming benchmarks. Other than an anomaly in BioShock, this card ran faster than the competition. It should have been, it is after all an overclocked version of the GTX 285. The fan seemed to be not as loud as in the past but it could be just my old ears not hearing as well as they once did. When the driver controlled the fan speeds I had an idle temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and a load of 78 Celsius, both pretty good temperatures for a high end card. Much better than the ATI barn burners when the fans are driver controlled. When I moved the fan to 85% the idle temperature dropped by one degree Celsius while the load temperature dropped an amazing 31 Celsius under load to 47C.

The only gripes I have are the lack of overclocking headroom and the $400 price tag. Sure, it's an overclocked card but I am always looking for a card that has that little bit more when it comes to overclocking. I saw gains of 5.5% and less on the card between the GPU and memory clocks. Not much, but it is something. Asus has included a couple of utilities that the consumer will find useful in the Gamer OSD and Smart Doctor. The Asus ENGTX285 is the card to go with if a single GPU video card is the answer to your graphics problem. It's cool running and delivers on the performance front, not to mention the fact that it will deliver the latest high definition content to your television. Asus and Nvidia have delivered on all counts this time, with the exception of price.



  • Pre-overclocked
  • Fastest single GPU card in this comparison
  • Lower power consumption than GTX 280
  • Cooling (auto and manual) 
  • Added utilities
  • Bundle



  • Low overclocking headroom
  • Price


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