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Asus ENGTX275 Review

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The ASUS ENGTX275 is a card that performs well, and for the majority of tests does better than the HD 4890, its direct competition. The ENGTX275 is built using the latest construction technologies that incorporate ASUS's "Ultimate Armaments". These are meant to deliver a video card that works longer, cooler and more efficiently. Whether the "Ultimate Armaments" does what ASUS claims is still up in the air, as the long term reliability cannot be measured in the time frame available for this review. But rest assured, it will go into a folding rig to test this theory out, running maxed 24/7 to see if I can indeed find the limits of the construction. When it came to overclocking the ENGTX275, I was pleased with the results I was able to get from this card; 730MHz on the GPU core, 1525MHz on the shaders, and 1306MHz on the memory, making this the highest overclocking GTX 275 I have used. While not absolutely stellar results, the clock speed increase is stable in all the games tested, not just a really pretty screenshot. I can OC this card quite a bit higher, but it is far from the stability needed to run through an extended benchmark session. By overclocking, I was able to come close to the performance delivered by the ASUS GTX 285 TOP. Pretty solid gains! Priced at around $250, the ENGTX275 is about $25 to $35 higher than the HD 4890s that are currently available. Pricing is almost a wash and with nVidia constantly cutting prices, the GTX 275 may be next. The utilities that ASUS provide are functional and work well. Smart Doctor allows you to overclock this card just as well as any other utility out there. Its options are clear and easy to understand for the novice, yet provide good functionality for the more experienced person. The ASUS ENGTX275 offers the expected performance at stock levels and shows substantial performance gains when pushed. There probably is not a game out that cannot be played with the ENGTX275 with the right combination of settings to allow you a great mix of playable frame rates and the eye candy we so love.



  • Overclocking
  • Relatively cool
  • Better construction thanks to ASUS's "Ultimate Armaments"
  • Overclocked performance
  • Included utilities
  • Bundle



  • Stock performance equal to reference card
  • Price comparison to competitor



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