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Asus Eee 1000H Review

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Closer look:

Before booting into the operating system, let's just take a quick tour around the BIOS. The first page is, as usual, where the date and time can be adjusted. The Onboard Device Configuration page, found under the Advanced tab, is where you can choose enable or disable, in order to improve battery life, various onboard device like WiFi and Bluetooth. The other pages are pretty much space holders so I won't be going over them. Time to save and exit and boot into the operating system.



This version comes with Windows XP preinstalled and quite a bit of software, but no resource hungry and annoying trial bloatware. Everything that is installed makes sense and could be useful to some extent for most people. There are a few open source programs, from StarOffice, based on OpenOffice, to Mozilla's Firefox. Microsoft Works, the whole Windows Live suite, Skype and Adobe Reader come preinstalled as well.

There is also Asus' proprietary Eee software EeePC Tray Utility, SuperHybridEngine, EeeInstantKey and ASUSUpdate. Tray Utility lets you enable and disable wireless, Bluetooth and the webcam in order to save energy. SuperHybridEngine is the software that does the power management control. It can be set to auto, power saving, high performance or super high performance mode. Each one varies in time for the screen to shut off, standby and turn off the hard disk. EeeInstantKey is the small piece of software to change the program the third and fourth buttons above the keyboard will launch when pressed.

I don't like when there's a ton of software installed that I won't ever use, and I'm sure I'm not only one, so the first thing I did was go ahead and remove all the software that I found unnecessary. This is what I ended up with. Saved about 60MB of memory usage when idle and the desktop feels much lighter and loads quicker as well. I have all I need right there without any superfluous icons. Except that "My Bluetooth Places" that I can't seem to be able to hide without uninstalling Bluetooth software.



Let's move on to the testing phase.

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