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Asus Eee 1000H Review

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Closer look:

Prior to attempting any of this, please turn on the netbook to make sure everything works. Many of us are familiar with tinkering inside computers, but laptop interiors are way more crowded and manufacturers usually don't like having their units opened. Although Asus, unlike most other manufacturers, doesn't mind users upgrading their Eees, so doing it does not instantly break the warranty. The Eee is incredibly easy to crack open and upgrade, simply take off both screws and lift the cover. Mine did take applying some force to the clips the first time, though common sense applies here.




















With this panel off, you can clearly see how cramped everything is in there. Fortunately, both upgradeable components – hard drive and memory – are very easily accessed. Removing a SO-DIMM stick is similar to a regular desktop DIMM, simply push both clips outward and tilt up the memory, not too much of course, and pull it out.



Swapping the hard drive for a larger one or one of those solid state drives is easily done as well, as it is a standard 2.5 inch SATA device. Getting it out is done by removing the three screws off the disk's tray. Sharp eyes will notice one of them is missing on my unit. Then, the drive can be pulled forward to disconnect it and reveal the regular SATA connection, do not pull it upward until the connector is fully released or you will damage it.


There isn't much more to see in there that is user upgradeable so let's turn this little guy on and see what it has to offer.

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