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Asus Eee 1000H Review

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Asus makes a bunch of great products and the 1000H, part of the Eee line of computers, is no exception to this rule. One thing the company clearly needs to do is to make it easier for the consumer to choose between its own models. The number of models released under that branding is ridiculous, especially since most are virtually identical. That aside, Asus does face some stiff competition in that relatively young market, which has grown insanely quick within a year. This particular model is definitely amongst the top contenders. Its glossy black color makes it a good looking unit, although fingerprints tend to love leaving souvenirs on the surface.

Of course, looks aren't everything, the small form factor is a great asset and it still feels quite solid to the touch. The LED backlit display could really use some more pixels, especially vertically, something like 1154x768 might sound odd but it would be an awesome addition to the 10 inch screen. That would give it some extra real estate I often missed, especially when I was trying to code with Visual Studio. Speaking of VS, it did run surprisingly well although it was very hard to work with due to the limited resolution. Fortunately, I found the keyboard to be very easy to type on, as a matter of fact, most of this article was written on it.

When I got this, I wasn't expecting much from a performance stand point – Atom is no Core 2 – but it got everything I needed done in a timely manner while using much less power. Loading web and office applications only took a few more not so precious seconds of my time. The hard disk is no solid state drive, only the "plain" 1000 is granted a 32 gigabyte one paired with 8GB of onboard memory and at a much higher price. The absence of an optical drive was sometimes annoying, but you can't really blame Asus for that, there is simply not enough room to squeeze even the slimmest one anywhere. Please note that since Microsoft removed its rule limiting XP equipped netbooks to 80GB the latest models come with a 160GB hard disk drives instead.

Overall, the Asus Eee 1000H is an awesome little laptop, definitely a must for students who take a lot of notes and are in need of an affordable ultra portable. Thanks to its long battery life, this one will also please business users or anyone who often travels out of reach of AC power. Since there are numerous Eee users, support from the community is great, all sorts of operating systems can be run on it and even hardware modifications are available, like replacing the display with a touchscreen or adding 3G support.



  • Battery life
  • Works well out of the box
  • Multitouch trackpad
  • Size
  • Generally well sized keyboard



  • Fingerprint magnet
  • Limited resolution
  • No optical drive
  • Tiny right shift and control keys
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