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Asus EAH 4830 Review

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Closer Look:

The catalyst control center’s name speaks for itself; it is the central nervous system for all of the settings on your Asus EAH 4830 Video Card. There are numerous capabilities a user can choose. Everything is tweakable from specific viewing properties to image quality.

Information Center: In the Information Center you can view extensive information based on your driver, CCC, and DirectX versions.

















Digital Panel: In the Digital Panel you can fix color correction, DVI settings, and GPU scaling.



3D: In the 3D tab you can adjust Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering, and color schemes. There are also a few settings for DirectX and OpenGL. There are also general image quality settings.



AVIVO Video & ATI Overdrive: AVIVO settings alter the color settings for better viewing. The ATI Over Drive is where the enthusiast will bolt for first. This sections allows you to set the clocks on both video card memory and GPU. There is also an auto clock option that will inspect your hardware configuration and clock your card for you. This option is for the unexperienced overclocker that wants a little more oomph from his/her card without knowing exactly what to do.



Now let's start testing the Asus EAH 4830 and see its true potential.

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