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Asus EAH 4830 Review

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There you have it; Asus's EAH 4830 held its own against some considerably more substantial cards. I was very impressed at how far I could push this card and how low the temperatures were, considering how much of a huge jump it was from stock speeds. If you are tight on money and want some serious horse power for your money, there is no other card I would personally recommend instead of the Asus EAH 4830.

If I was to change anything it would be how the Smart Doctor interfaces with the fan because I was unsure as to how much yield the fan was giving.  I felt I could not fully test this card's capability. If the fan was not running at 100% it could have a limiting factor in the overclocking phase of the review. If you are a modder at heart this is exactly the kind of card to play with by converting the fan to a 12v Molex connection to see exactly how far you can push it. In summation I loved this card, it held its own in a big pond and put on a decent show next to the higher end cards when overclocked. If Asus ever releases this with a more substantial cooler you may well be able to pull even more performance from the EAH4830 .



  • Overclocked Performance
  • Low Price
  • Fantastic Temperature regulation for a smaller card
  • Overclockability



  • Smart Doctor could not interface with fan control


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