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Asus EAH4870 Dark Knight Review

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Closer Look:

nVidia has the "nVidia Control Panel" and ATI has the "Catalyst Control Center." In truth, they are one and the same and quite similar to the built in Windows display settings. Basically, they let you change, well, display settings. There are way too many settings for me to go over every single one before you grow old, so I will take you through the basics.













Information Center: In the Information Center you can view extensive hardware information as well as driver, CCC and DirectX versions.



Digital Panel: In the Digital Panel section you can set and view display information such as monitor attributes, adjustments, and color correction.



3D: In the 3D tab you can adjust general image quality settings as well as Anti-Aliasing, Anisotropic Filtering and color schemes. There are also a few settings for DirectX and OpenGL.



AVIVO Video & ATI Overdrive: AVIVO settings allow you to alter the color settings for better viewing. ATI Overdrive gives the user control of the GPU and memory frequencies. For novice users there is an automated clock configuration utility that will find the best overclock for your system settings.



Enough of the boring stuff, let's find out how the EAH4870 performs.

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