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Asus EAH4870 Dark Knight Review

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What is a knight? Traditionally, a knight is an esteemed and entitled member of the warrior class in a society. In other words, they are the best soldiers. They've been trained to take on challenging foes and crush them to bits. ASUS's "Dark Knight" was able to put up a very strong fight in most of the benchmarks it went through. However, it was not able to outperform every card thrown at it. This, of course, is 100% understandable because the 4870 is nothing new. In fact, the EAH4870 performed extremely well for its class. In most benchmarks, it was able to compete with the GTX 260 and Sapphire's 4870, which was equipped with 2GB of GDDR5 memory as opposed to only 1GB. In some cases, with an overclock, the "Dark Knight was able to outperform ATI's new 4890.

The EAH4870 was equipped with a custom cooling design from ASUS. However, it isn't custom to the EAH4870, only to ASUS's "Dark Knight" series. So in a way, you can say that the EAH4870 was chosen to wear the armor it was given. As with all coolers in the "DK" series, the EAH4870's cooler utilizes four heat pipes. This should provide a better cooling solution than the reference coolers. I didn't like that the cooler had absolutely no contact with the memory modules, but once again this proved to be a non-issue. On top of everything else the fan was, believe it or not, QUIET! What? A 4870 with a quite fan? That is correct, the only time I was able to hear the fan was if I turned the speed up to 100%. Even then it only made a silent hum.

While this "Dark Knight" won't be slaying any dragons in real life, it will definitely help you slay some in-game beasts. I wouldn't purchase this card if you're looking for an upgrade to the newest and best. If you're on a relatively tight budget or if you're 100% against the green team, then go ahead and give this card a try. If you're someone looking to give Crossfire a try, I'd suggest a pair of EAH4870s, simply because they're quiet. Instead of having two loud cards, you can have two not so loud cards. Then again, that's just me. Maybe loud noises are soothing to you.



  • Quiet
  • Overclockability
  • Custom cooler with four heat pipes
  • Pretty darn good performance
  • Overclock competitive with 4890
  • Free mouse pad



  • Overclock didn't do too well in Bioshock
  • ASUS's included programs don't agree with Fallout 3


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