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Asus EAH4870 Dark Knight Review

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Left 4 Dead:

Left 4 Dead is a new release from Valve that leaves you as part of a group of survivors in a world where an infection has rapidly turned the populace into a zombie horde. You goal is to make it to a rescue point, all the while fighting what seems like overwhelming odds. Along the way there are safe houses where you can replenish your weapons and health. The movie 'I Am Legend' comes to mind to set the stage for this game. But unlike the movie, there are four characters and not just a lone gun and his faithful companion. The horde is not at all like the typical slow walking, foot shuffling zombie. These zombies are quick and work with the pack mentality. Your job: survival! Below are several screenshots to show some in-game action.



  • 4xAA
  • 16x AF
  • All other in game settings to maximum









The EAH4870 was able to offer great performance in L4D. At the low resolution it outperformed everything except the 4890. In the higher two resolutions it was still able to stay on top of Sapphire's offering. Once again, the overclock was able to outperform everything except the 4890. Not the best scores, but also not the worst. I'll take it.

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