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Asus EAH3870X2 1GB Top Review



So the question still stands. Are two GPUs better than one? It sure looks like it in most cases. The ability of this card to scale well into the higher resolutions makes it a good choice for the gamer who wants a dual GPU solution but just has a single PCI-E slot available on the motherboard. Performance across the board was within a few frames, better or worse, than the competition. Kind of a surprise that it happened with the testing that we have done showing that Crossfire support in games is not quite there yet. Whether it is game developers or driver development that is the root cause, the performance should be there and better. With several driver revisions available to test the Asus 3870 X2 out in the open (besides the driver included on the Asus disc), I found that the beta drivers offered no performance increase over the Catylyst 8.1 drivers or those included on the driver disc.

Will the next generation of drivers be the key to the castle and allow those out there that prefer ATI/AMD video cards the right to start bragging about comparable performance again? Time will surely tell the tale. Or is this offering a tad late to the party considering the upcoming launches from Nvidia? Again, only time will tell. But for right now, ATI has put itself and its partners into a winning position with the release of the 3870 X2 series of cards. Asus has come up with unique features that make its version the EAH3870 X2 stand out from the crowd. A unique cooling solution, 1GB of GDDR3 .8ns memory for great overclocking potential, four DVI outputs for maximum connectivity, bundled software and hardware, and a price for performance point that will be hard to beat.


  • $449.00
  • Great price for performance
  • Unique cooling solution
  • HDMI support
  • Four DVI outputs
  • Performance on par or better than the 8800 series
  • Two GPUs
  • Crossfire capable


  • Immature drivers

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