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Asus Blitz Extreme Review

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Does the Blitz Extreme live up to its name? Sure it does! With its two phase DDR3 power it allows for some really insane memory speeds. It allowed me to push my 1333 MHz DDR3 to over 1900MHz 1t without using massive volts to do it. I was able to pull an additional 20FSB from my poor little Q6600 at 484FSB. My Q6600 has never booted up into Windows at over 3680MHz, it just did not play nice any higher than that. After forgetting to switch the multiplier back to 7 while looking for the max frontside bus capabilities of the board with my chip, I booted into Windows at almost 3.9GHz. I was pretty stunned to say the least. That speed was good for a couple of Super Pi runs but definitely needed more voltage than I had cooling capacity. The Extreme Tweaker section of the BIOS allows the end user to go as wild or as mild as he wants. The voltage options are color coded to give an indication of how Extreme you are getting. Green for normal, Yellow for high and Red for "Crazy." If you want or need the voltage options to play with the big boys, the Blitz delivers. CPU voltage to 1.90volts and Memory voltage up to to 3.04volts - that's twice the DDR3 spec! Extreme you say? Why yes.....yes it is!

WIth its ROG (Republic of Gamers) status, the Blitz Extreme is loaded. The bundle of accessories with this board is pretty substantial and includes not only the adapters to make the Fusion Block cooling system a snap to hook up, but includes thermal probes to monitor additional temperatures, a remote diagnostic L.E.D. and a backlit I/O panel to make connecting to the board in those dark of night LAN parties a breeze. The Blitz has a cooling package that works fairly well. The Fusion block cooling system kept the temperatures of the chipsets and power management circuits in line. While using the touch temperature test, none of the heatsinks in the cooling solution felt even warm to the touch under load. It's not very scientific, but does speak to the efficiency of the solution.

While the use of high performance DDR3 memory offers incredible bandwidth at higher frequencies, it is not quite mainstream yet. Several reasons are the loose timings and high prices for performance DDR3 memory. Kind of like reliving the transition to DDR2 all over again. Even with those knocks on DDR3, there is a definite performance advantage to having the memory bandwidth available. The Blitz Extreme is a full featured board that gives the best of both worlds, speed and stability; two things high on my list of must haves when it comes to new hardware. If migrating to DDR3 is in the works for your next buildup, then the Asus "Blitz Extreme" motherboard offers a level of performance and overclocking capabilities that would be hard to pass up.



  • Water Cooled Northbridge
  • Crosslinx Gives 8x x 8x PCI-E for Dual Graphics
  • DDR3 Bandwidth While Overclocked
  • Software and Hardware Bundle
  • Extreme Overclocking
  • Extensive BIOS Options
  • Memory Performance
  • High Definition Soundcard



  • None
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