ASUS 8460 Ultra GeForce4 4600TI 128MB DDR Review

Bosco - 2007-01-26 00:01:06 in Video Cards
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Reviewed on: September 23, 2002
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As prices for nVidia cards begin to drop for the release of the upcoming NV30 people are getting the chance to purchase higher end cards. As they continue to drop I am sure we will see more and more people stepping up to get their hands on a higher end TI series card. Today we will be looking at highest model the 4600TI by Asus. So how does it look and perform read on and we shall see.

Decent looking box. Everyone pretty much knows who Asus is, from their high performance motherboards to their video cards they have make some great and stable products.




Driver support:

This card has an S-Video out adapter, DVI out and VGA plug in. TV out is great for those of you that watch DVD's off of your computer and have it running off of your TV. DVI is for running a LCD monitor for those working people that need desktop space. Their is a S-Video cord included for the S-Video option, but no DVI connector.

What You Get:

As you can see a decent size fan, you have to admit it is rather different looking.


This is very easy to do. Just take out your old card and pop your new one in and power up the system and install the drivers. Make sure that the card is pushed all the way into the slot or you may not get the machine to boot up.


I am going to run benchmarks on 3dmark2001, Quake 3 and Comanche 4. We will be comparing the 4600TI to the Aopen 4200TI, so lets get started shall we. :)

Test Setup:


Well the Asus dominated on all of the 3dmark tests course its not a surprise, it better have dominated for the price of the card. :/

Comanche 4

Asus took these tests but not by a huge margin.

The first two tests very very close, the AAX4 test Asus pulled away.

First test Asus won by one frame, last two tests Asus pulled away once again.

Quake 3

Asus lost the first test by 11 frames ouch, last two tests Asus pulled away.


Well the Asus 4600TI did not disappoint, being nVidia's best card it stacks up as a great card. If you are looking for the fastest and highest performing card made by nVidia then you would have to consider the Asus. The extras you can as well the performance of the card you can't go wrong.