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Aspire SX1000 Aluminum Case Review


Closer Look (Continued)

Lots of rails for your CDROM, DVD or Burners.

Gotta like that click release option.

Removable drive bays. No screws gotta like that, hate finding that screw driver :)

Clear fans! Finally I was getting sick of those plain black ones. Man are they quiet, can't even hear them.

Well everything looks good. Time to put the computer together and see how it looks.

Well so far so good, love that red board on silver looks really good. Lots of room for the heatsink, powersupply is far enough away. No slideout motherboard but I didn't really need it, there is plenty of room to work.

Well almost done. I know what you are gonna say, why doesn't he have rounded cables? Their on order, not to common here yet. I found a few sharp edges but I have yet to see the perfect case.

Now I guess the next job would be paint the DVD player and floppy green.

Well everything looks good from the back.

Well finally finished! It was very easy to install everything, only took me about 25mins. I personally think it looks decent, rounded cables and a couple have lights would make it complete. Thumbscrews came with the case but I didn't use them because of the slide handle. The front bezel can come off really easy if you need it to.


This case rocks! No problems with it at all, except maybe the color but with a few lights who cares.:) This is my first aluminum case and I am very happy with it. Fans included was a bonus for me as well the window. If you want a good case that looks good and is easy to install hardware into, this would be a case that I would recommend to anyone.


  • Aluminum
  • Lots Of Room Inside
  • Window
  • Clear Case Fans
  • Lockable Front and Side Panels
  • Cons

  • Pricey

  • No Power Supply
  • Sharp edges
  • No slideout motherboard tray

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    2. Closer Look (Cont) & Conclusion
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