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Aspire Chameleon 550 Watt PSU Review


Closer Look

As per my last PSU review, this would be an excellent place for a warning. If you don't know what you're doing (and most of the time, even if you do) DON'T DO THIS! Taking the cover off voids the warranty (oh gosh no!), but more importantly, even when it isn't plugged in, there's enough juice inside these things to seriously injure, if not kill you. So, take a look at my pictures and keep yer fingers out!

The inside of the Aspire PSU was well laid out, with the green anodized heatsinks right under the flow of the fan, and everything else compacted within. Of course, since you aren't supposed to be opening the PSU anyways, its never the most clean looking thing, but one of the points that really caught my eye were these large flaps of plastic beside the capacitors and the beside the fan. The flap beside the capacitors wasn't a big deal, since they were blocking airflow anyways, but the ones beside and on the fan itself were curious - the plastic was blocking about 1/3 of the fans entire diameter. After a brief look around and finding that the plastic really serves no purpose whatsoever (A VERY small piece was necessary to ensure the fan's wires weren't against the heatsink) this was cut and cleared out pretty quickly. I'm not sure why Aspire went so gung-ho for such a small necessity. Moving on...

Speaking of small things (the small things make the world go round), I noticed another point where Aspire could've done better. Where the sleeved wires come through the PSU wall, the small hole is simply milled steel. With pretty much every other PSU I've dealt with, this hole has a rubber ring around it to prevent wear and tear. On the Chameleon, nothing. Less necessary because of the sleeving, but that attention to detail would have been nice to see.

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