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Aspire Turbo Gamer ATXA2ESW Aluminum Case Review


Closer Look (Cont.)

Your 3.5" bays are detachable, and one of them contains the second fan bracket. If you install a fan here it will bring in fresh, cool air right to your hard drives. Detachable drive bays really make the installation that much easier because now you won't have to remove the other side panel, nor will you be trying to reach for screws at the bottom of your case if you accidently drop one.

The case comes with two exhaust fans. The fans themselves are very quiet, but the large amount of air that they pull through will be a strong source of noise.

The 5.25" drives are installed by using the included sliding drive rails. This makes it extremely easy to attach and remove devices without having to unscrew the drive first. Another convenient option.

Black faceplates would be nice here... and also a black cabinet monitor, and a black keyboard, and a black mouse, and a black printer, and a black table, and...

Here's all the goodies, transfered from my old case. Again, there's alot of room here, especially for the heatsink and for the intake fan on the power supply. Apart from that, I think it looks good. The motherboard tray doesn't slide out, but there's more than enough room for you to work around in that case. It is so roomy in there!

Finished! A little messy at the top, but some organization should take care of that very nicely. That small army-looking thing to the right is my old case, with some individuals "mistakened" for a tank from Iraq. Hmm... actually, I'd love to see a camoflage pattern on these cases as another colour choice. I think that would be awesome.

Here's a closeup from another angle. All I need are some lights, then I can show everyone the l337 contents of my case through the big window!


I really like this case! It's much better than my old one, that's for sure. It's light, very roomy, front USB, and there's that big window! It has everything that I wanted in a case... at least for now. The only sharp edges that I have found are from the bay shields. When you remove them, be very careful of the tabs that you break off. I've found that the tabs become extremely sharp, and do not break off with the shield. If you're really paranoid about that you can get some sandpaper and burr off the sharp edges. The price is a bit on the high side, but you are paying for a really good case that can last you for a long time.

Now all I need are some cold cathodes...


  • It's light!!
  • Easy-to-remove side panel
  • Lots of room to work with
  • Structured airflow design
  • Front USB
  • Cons

  • Price is a bit high
  • Sharp tabs left from bay shields
  • Only 2 front USB ports
  • Big window likes to attract dust and can be easily scratched

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