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Asetek Waterchill Extreme Water Cooling Kit Review
Reviewed by: Connor "Uber" Brokl
Reviewed On: July 10th, 2006
Manufacturer: Asetek
Provided By: Asetek
Price: $399

What is the best cooling? This is a question computer techies and non-techies alike have been asking for years. There is plain water cooling, for the adventurous there is liquid cooling, and as for those the insane there is the fabled and sought after Phase Change cooling systems. Asetek manufactures all three genres of cooling. This review will be focusing on their latest in a strong line of water cooling setups, the Waterchill Extreme water cooling solution. Asetek was found in early 1999 in Denmark by a group of friends striving to cool computers with minimal noise. The Water Chiller Extreme is definitely going to achieve both. Near silent operations and superior cooling give this kit definite perks.

Closer Look
The package was delivered in a normal corrugated plastic box, which left me a little suspicious as to the well being of its contents. The package wasn’t in the best shape on its arrival, though this could be partially due to the fact it came all the way from Denmark.


As I opened up the package, I was rewarded with the sight of the biggest water cooling setup I have ever seen. I was surprised to see sitting at the top of the box about 15 feet of ½” hose!


The water cooling that I have used in the past all used ¼ or sometimes 3/8” hose. It seems that everything about this kit is ‘Big’: a dual 120mm fan rad that has mounts for, that’s right, four fans! I was a little confused when I saw the pump, but after reading the instructions I realized that this is the first pump of its kind. Having the reservoir built into it cuts down on size. The controller board on the back of this pump is the brain center for this entire water cooling system. Acting as a hub for temperature, fan control, as well as the optional LCD, this pump is an all in one design.



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