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Asetek Antarctica WaterChill CPU Cooling Kit Review


Testing (Cont.)

So, basically holy smokes, the watercooling kit was DOMINANT! Not only that, the Antarctica gets some incredibly respectable temperatures in terms of what I've seen in other watercooling reviews as well. Overall, with a load delta of 12°C between Air Cooling and Water Cooling (12V) the clear winner is the Asetek kit.

Furthermore, something very important to point out is the very slim load deltas between the Idle and Load temperatures. Take a look at the WC 12V overclocked temperatures. There's only a 2°C difference between stock and load, as opposed to the 8°C difference in OCd Air temperatures. This is incredibly important in terms of overall system stability - that continuous lower temperature means longer life for your CPU, and a much lower chance of failure due to overclock instability.


While many people can argue that air cooling can reach the same low temperatures as watercooling (with the proper heatsinks and fans) I have this to say to you: I can hear myself think! This system, even when on full blast is more then tolerable at a respectable 34dBa. Other advantages include less chance of tearing a hole through your motherboard with an obscenely heavy air heatsink, and better load deltas, even when heavily overclocked. On 7V mode, this system produces similarly impressive results, at nearly silent noise levels. With the ease of installation this system provides, even a beginner in watercooling (such as myself) can find themselves 'getting wet' in no time at all. My only beef with this system is the reservoir, I find it to be poorly designed and too small. However, it functions, and does its job properly, so I can't knock it for that. With a proven low temperature track record, impressive results overall, extreme ease of setup, overall quality and attention to detail and the fact that this kit comes with everything you need to get into watercooling, I would recommend this kit in a heartbeat to anyone looking to get into watercooling. In a word, it's fantastic.


  • Completeness of Kit
  • Ease of Setup (Love those push-on fittings)
  • Excellent performance
  • Ability to switch from 12V to 7V
  • Overall silence of the system
  • Great user manual


  • Anti-Algae fluid sucks
  • Reservoir

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Closer Look (Continued)
  4. Closer Look (Continued)
  5. Installation
  6. Installation (Continued)
  7. Installation (Continued)
  8. Testing
  9. Testing (Continued) & Conclusion
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