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Asetek Antarctica WaterChill CPU Cooling Kit Review


Closer Look (Cont.)

Moving on, we come to the Hydor L20 pump and Waterchill Powerplant. The two are attached to one another, ensuring that power will be running to your pump when your system is turned on.

Some stats for the Hydor pump:

Key benefits & features:
  • Powerful enough to utilize the water block to its full potential - 700l/hr.
  • No soldering, cutting of wires or 115/230VAC work for the end-user.
  • Easy push-on fittings
  • Low noise
  • Long endurance
  • Low power consumption

    The pump comes completely ready to use, again with those handy push-on fittings.

    The Powerplant - SafeStart and NoiseControl - being its two main features, make its name. SafeStart refers to the kit's feature of leeching power from the PSU's line only when it's turned on. Using the hermaphrodite power connector, the Asetek kit requires no skill whatsoever in electric stuff, soldering or anything along those lines when it comes to making sure your kit is on. Simply plug the PSU power line into one side of the hermaphrodite plug, and the other into the PSU. Take a look:

    The hermaphrodite plug comes with an attached PCI bracket as well, allowing you to feed the plug cleanly through the rear of your case to attach to the powerplant itself.

    As for NoiseControl, this refers to the powerplant's control over the Sunon fan. Don't have a fan controller? No problem, the NoiseControl feature allows you to switch from 12V to 7V to control the amount of air - and subsequently cooling - you need. It also adds the helpful feature of being able to control the noise from the fan...explaining the name, how convenient :) . The powerplant also requires a small floppy molex connector be attached to it, presumably to power the fan.

    Still more parts, lets keep on truckin...next we'll take a look at the hardware. First, a pretty promotional shot.

    And a nice closeup:

    All the hardware that's included is as follows:
    4 large screws (attaching fan to radiator)
    4 Small silver screws (attaching radiator to case)
    4 small black screws (CPU block assembly)
    8 small plastic washers
    4 CPU standoffs (those long metal pieces)
    4 thumb screws
    4 springs
    4 suction cups (the pump feet)
    1 thing of thermal goop
    1 small piece of wire
    Some pretty Asetek stickers
    1 nice thick instruction booklet
    1 small bottle Anti-Algae fluid
    1 'tube set'
    1 reservoir bracket
    1 'Y' fitting (for the Antarctica block)

    Man, that is a LOT of stuff. But, its everything you need.

    1. Introduction & Closer Look
    2. Closer Look (Continued)
    3. Closer Look (Continued)
    4. Closer Look (Continued)
    5. Installation
    6. Installation (Continued)
    7. Installation (Continued)
    8. Testing
    9. Testing (Continued) & Conclusion
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