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Arctic Silver Ceramique Review


Closer Look
Before I get into the testing I'd like to point out that this product's name is actually just Céramique. I've seen people calling it Arctic Silver Céramique, which is misleading because this product contains no silver. Arctic Silver, is however the name of the company that manufactures Céramique.

Arctic Silver sent me two 2.7g tubes of Céramique, and as you can see the syringe is quite a bit smaller and more compact than the 3.0g tube of Arctic Silver. Arctic Silver said that the reason for this is to make it easier to handle. Personally, I'd like to see the syringe a bit longer, like the syringe that Nanotherm uses.

Here you can see the three different compounds side by side. Notice that AS3 and the XTC are silver where as the Céramique is white. Like I mentioned before, Céramique doesn't contain any silver. From right to left in the picture XTC, AS3, and Céramique.

Testing the various compounds was quite easy. Apply a thin layer of compound, give it a few days, benchmark, and repeat with another compound. To make sure things were fair, each compound was given 120 hours to reach maximum conductivity. Room temp for the tests was maintained at 27°C, and the same heat sink (Coolermaster X-Dream) was used for testing. The rest of the test system's spec's are as follows:
  • Abit KX7-333R Motherboard
  • AMD XP 1800+ CPU
  • Corasir 512M PC2700 DDR
  • XFX GeForce 4Ti 4200 8x
  • Lian Li PC 70 Aluminum Case (Side Pannel Removed)

And here are the results:

Temperatures - Not Overclocked
  Idle Load
Arctic Silver 3 39.2 43.3
Céramique 38.4 42.9

Temperatures - Overclocked to 146Mhz FSB
  Idle Load
Arctic Silver 3 44.3 48.7
Céramique 41.6 46.1

Note: We are redoing a test of the Nanotherm to insure our previous test was accurate.

Well there it is, Céramique scored just a few degrees lower than the current two top compounds. A few degrees that's sure to make any enthusiast happy. And to top it off, since Céramique isn't a thermal gr
ease, it shouldn't void AMDs warrenty like AS3 is reported to do.

No comment from AMD on that so far, and it's been over a week since I emailed them. But then, does it really matter if it voids the warranty? I mean, 90% of the stuff we do around here voids the warranty anyway. :P



  • Good Heat Transfer / Helps Cool Well
  • Not Electrically Conductive
  • Cleans up easily
  • Available in 2.7g or 22g
  • Fairly cheap @ $5.00 or $10.00 depending on amount


  • None


I'd like to think ArcticSilver for sending me this product to review!

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