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Apevia X-Pleasure Blue Aluminum Case Review


Closer Look
The door itself is fairly strong, but the locking mechanism itself is very weak. With a good whack, the plastic lock and tab securing the door will break quite easily. The locks work, but I wouldn’t put all my trust in them as they are quite breakable. They are more for bragging rights than anything else. The round finger holes around the drives are to be filled with tabs that hold the optical drives, a nice touch. The case also has fold out feet, which is a good idea because these tall tower cases can be very tipsy. There are four fans total included in this case. Two are illuminated 120mm, which are mounted in the rear and on the window panel. Note the clear fan guard and nice grill. The other two are 80mm that are to be mounted up front, which I will get into later. The case comes with two sets of keys and four sets of removable drive rails, along with three bags of labeled screws. Very organized!

The back of the case reveals the non-removable motherboard tray. I don�t think that it matters much because of all the working room in the case.

The cables from the front panel include a small rudimentary fan controller for the four fans included in the case along with the temperature probe, firewire and USB connectors. The other two fans are 80mms that are mounted up front, one of which is already screwed in the bottom front of the case and lighted, while the other is mounted on the outside of a hard drive cage but not lighted. All three hard drive cages are interchangeable. They have holes for both floppy drives and hard drives and according to Apevia�s specifications, two are visible and seven are internal. The cages are locked with a small lever, but at first it can be somewhat cumbersome when placing the cages back in the case. The action requires you to know precisely where the cage is supposed to be.

I was very pleased with the features of this case! Onwards to testing!

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