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APEVIA X-Telstar Jr. G Type Case Review

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I will be testing the Apevia X-Telstar Jr. G Type Case against my old Super Case and my current Thermaltake Wing 100 RS. The tests will consist of idle and load temperatures for CPU, GPU, chipset, ambient, and hard drive. I will also be testing the internal thermometer against my digital thermometer I have used in the past, which is accurate to 1 decimal point. I will not be showing voltage tests in this review because I do not have a PSU voltage tester on hand and there was a considerable difference between my motherboard voltage sensors and the cases. Saying whether one is right or wrong would be a biased opinion, so for this reason I will leave this test out. The fans will be run at 100% for fairness.

Testing Setup









The Apevia and the Thermaltake were neck and neck for most of the tests. The Apevia took the lead in the GPU test. I think this was mostly because the Apevia was the only one with a 120mm fan on the side panel instead of PVC piping, allowing me to turn my 8600GTS heat piping vertical for the first time, like it is supposed to be. I know my digital thermometer is accurate so I was a little sad to see that the internal thermometer was that many degrees off.

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