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APEVIA X-Telstar Jr. G Type Case Review

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Closer Look:

This option is on most new cases but it is worth mentioning anyways; I love thumbscrews. Sure you could just buy them, but they need to be industry standard. Tool-less cases are becoming more and more common and I couldn’t be happier; there is nothing worse than dropping screws in cases when you are working on them. Another big pet peeve of mine is slipping with your screwdriver and scoring your motherboard. One of the options of the Apevia X-Telstar Jr. G Type Case is the snap in place tabs for your PCI expansion slots. At first thought, they are a good idea, but they seem a little flimsy to me. I don’t like plastic holding in my video card as I am constantly taking my DVI connection on and off my computer and spinning the case around plugging and unplugging various things. I can be a bit rough with my equipment and I don’t want a slight slip to snap the plastic tab off and ruin my motherboard or graphics card.







The Apevia X-Telstar Jr. G Type Case seems very spacious inside for a “Jr” case. The hard drive bays are turned sideways, which I think is a great idea; I have struggled with smaller cases trying to get the SATA and power connectors off. Another great tool-less feature of this case is the hard drives are put onto the rails mentioned earlier and slide into place. Your DVD drive also slips easily into position, and you move the blue slider forward to lock the drive in place.



The rear fan of the case is not inset like some cases I have seen, so this does limit internal space a little. The fan is not just another cheap fan like most manufacturers use. It is a good middle-line quality fan that is not made out of really cheap plastic.


Lets put this thing together and see how well it does.



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