AOpen GeForce 4 MX440 review

Bosco - 2007-01-26 17:52:32 in Video Cards
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Reviewed on: August 8, 2002
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We are continuing to review 440MX cards to give people a idea which ones are the best. Today we will be looking at the Aopen MX440. Aopen is a company that makes everything from Motherboards to CDROMS as well video cards. So how does the Aopen Stack up against Asus? Well lets test and see...

Cool looking box.


  • 270mhz Core Clock
  • 400mhz Memory Clock
  • 1.1 Pixels Per second
  • 6.4GB/sec Memory Bandwidth
  • Lightspeed Memory Architecture amplifies memory bandwidth
  • AGP 2X/4X with Fast Writes Support
  • DirectX 8.1
  • OpenGL 1.3 support
  • Memory:

  • 64MB On-board DDR Memory
  • TV-Out:

  • Up to 1024X768 Resolution
  • Driver support:

  • ME, Win 98, Win2K, WinXP
  • System Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium II/III/Celeron, Pentium 4
  • AMD Athlon/Duron/XP
  • (systems with AGP 1.0 Slot and up to 4.0)

  • No games, driver CD's only, no instructions either.

    I really like to see a Video card with a fan on it. Will it make a difference? We will see very soon. It has a S-Video jack but no cable was included.

    I am going to run a series of tests with 3DMark 2001, Quake and Comanche 4 (great game). So let’s get started and see how the card does.


    Test setup:

  • AMD 2100+ (Not Overclocked)
  • GA-7VRXP
  • Aopen GeForce4 MX440
  • Memory 512MB DDR(Infineon)
  • WinXP Pro
  • Will use Detonator driver 29.42 for all tests
  • All tests will be compared to the Asus MX440
  • 3dMark2001

    Pretty even.

    Very close again.

    Last test AAX4 nither card would run the test. During these tests the cards are very even. I thought the Aopen might be higer with the fan on it, but Asus is a well built card without the fan.

    Quake 3 Tests

    Tests were fairly close.

    Comanche 4

    Wow almost a tie everytime. Again nither card would run the AAX4 test.


    Well I have to say that I am surprised. I thought the Aopen would do better because it had a fan on it but I was wrong. Still the card did do well considering it was going against the big company Asus. I think with a little overclocking on this card you could beat the Asus scores. Overall I was happy with the performance of the card, did I notice a difference between the two? Not at all couldn't tell what card I had in going by my picture on the screen. If you are looking for a entry level gaming card I would take this one anyday because it has the fan on it.


  • Inexpensive
  • Fan on the GPU
  • Good graphics
  • S-Video
  • Cons

  • No instructions
  • No Games
  • No S-Video cable