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Antec PLUS1080AMG SOHO File Server Tower Review


Closer Look (Continued)

Miscellaneous Goodies

For showing your dedication to Antec they have included a case badge, for all you rank collectors out there!

Case badge!

The Antec logo at the front of the case is actually a small panel that conceals two very useful features: USB and FireWire. I've used my front USB alot on my current case and I can't stress how good it is not having to reach back behind your case just to get something plugged in!

Front USB and FireWire

Looking inside the front panel, we find the Power and Reset switches, as well as the 4 LEDs.

Lights and Switches

This case uses drive rails to install the 5.25" devices, and this method of installation allows for easy insertion and removal of devices, without having to open the other side of the case.

Easy to install drive rails

What's also included in this case is a washable air filter. While it will disrupt the airflow a bit, I think it's an acceptable trade off, knowing that you won't have large amounts of hair and lint being blown into your case. Also notice that at the bottom of the case there are 4 plastic "feet" that can be turned out to the side, giving the case further support for its high center of gravity.

Washable fan grille

Another view

And here it is, the case with a beige CD drive installed. While the colours don't match, it's certainly a nice balance of contrast, as compared to a beige drive on a black case, and vice versa.

The front, with a CD drive installed

The Power Supply

Finally, Antec includes with this case their own "TruePower" series of switching power supplies. Sporting a dual fan configuration, as well as "silent" capabilities, it's obvious that this is a direct competitor to Enermax. While I am unable to test the power supply as of writing this review, be sure to check back sometime as I will update this review with some Motherboard Monitor screenshots of how stable the power supply voltages are.

The power supply!

This power supply includes 1 ATX connector, 1 ATX12V connector, 1 AUX connector, a 3-pin fan RPM monitor plug, 3 floppy drive connectors, and 7 (that's SEVEN) 4-pin peripheral connectors! Ending the set are special 8th and 9th "FAN ONLY" connectors. These connectors can also supply 12 volts to your fans, but the voltage is controlled by the power supply, depending on how hot the system is, as well as the current load on the system. This means you can get a good compromise between cooling performance and noise output.

Special FAN ONLY connector and 3-pin fan RPM monitor

One thing that the photos do not show here, is the weight of the case. The thing's as heavy as a 15" CRT monitor, and that's when it's empty! If you intend to carry this case to LAN parties often, then be prepared for major back problems later on in life. I think it's obvious that this case is not meant to be carried around alot, and should be given a spot that it can occupy for an extended period of time. By the same token, you can be sure that no single person can easily hijack this case and run off with it either.


While I am a advocate of light cases, a heavy case can also garner the attention of many other computer users. You can be sure that a simple kick won't budge the case, and the material is alot stronger than aluminum. The metallic gray colour is a nice alternative to pure beige and pure black cases, and allows a nice contrast balance to unmatching colours on your drives, unlike the sharp difference between white and black. Its 4 fan layout allows for a very well structured airflow, and you can be sure that your CPU and other peripheral cards are getting the cooling that they need. While it has no removable motherboard try, the sheer amount of room you have to work with justifies this absence.

Your budget should be considered if you plan on purchasing this case, however. Even though it includes a high quality 430W power supply, at a price of $250CAD you are still paying quite alot for a computer case. But know that if you do make such a purchase, you can be assured that your investment will go a very long way.

Overall, if you're on the lookout for a new case for your server that can last you years, give the PLUS1080AMG a look. It may be the case that you're looking for.


  • Includes a 430W Power Supply
  • Lots of peripheral connectors on power supply
  • Lots of room to work with
  • Structured airflow design
  • Front USB and FireWire
  • Cons:

  • It's 32 pounds when empty!
  • Price is quite high
  • No removable motherboard tray
  • No side window (although their other product - PLUSVIEW1000AMG - has one)

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