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Antec Hard Drive Cooling System Review


My hard drive temperature.

My CPU temperature at full load.


For testing, I had the unit outside the case with the power connector and the temperature probes run inside. Because of the short temperature probe I had to set the unit on its side and press it up against the 5.25" to get the short probe to reach to the hard drive. I had no problems with the length of the long temperature probe though. During testing I found the Antec Hard drive cooling system to only lower my hard drive temperature by two or three degrees. With my hard drive in its original location the temperature was around 45-46 celsius. With the drive in the unit, my hard drive temperature was around 43-44 celsius. I was hopping for more of a temperature drop from Antec. I do think that more powerful fans are what this hard drive cooler needs. The Antec hard drive cooler had no effect on my system or CPU temperature.


This hard drive cooling system from Antec is a good idea. It looks good and the two probes for temperature monitoring are a great feature. It just doesn't meet my performance expectations from a cooling stand point. All in all, it is a neat product with the potential to be better.

  • Temperature controlled cooling for one hard drive, IDE or SCSI
  • Temperature monitoring of hard drive and 2nd. probe on front panel LED display

  • The lack of airflow
  • The display switching between the two temperature probes gets annoying

  1. Introduction & Installation
  2. Installation (Continued)
  3. Installation (Cont.), Testing & Conclusion
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