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Antec Hard Disk Drive Cooler Review



Test System:

  • Pentium III 1000Mhz
  • Gigabyte 6VTXE-A Motherboard
  • 512MB SDRAM
  • Asus GeForce 4 MX440 Video Card
  • 20GIG Hard drive
  • Running Windows XP Professional
  • We let this system cook for about 1 hour using [email protected] After that we allowed [email protected] to continue running while we proceeded to defrag the hard drive and then the results were recorded immediately after.

    A 7°C difference... that's commendable. Cooling the air generated by the hard drive will certainly lower the internal ambient temperature, meaning the overall system temperature should drop a bit as well. Judging from the results and by the nature of the unit itself, this cooler is probably for the overclocker who wants to get his ambient system temperature a little bit lower, but if he has several hard drives, then just one these units may not be enough to effectively cool the air above it.


    This is a pretty good hard drive cooler, and it does cool the warm air on the of the hard drive very effectively. However, the fact that it requires a 5.25" bay means that some hardcore case modders might have trouble integrating this item into their systems, for these cases will usually have all of their 5.25" bays modified with other toys such as cold cathode switches or fan control dials. While this unit is suited for the overclocker, there are superior hard drive cooling units that can be had for just a tad more money.

  • Cools very nicely
  • Fits in a 5.25" for easy installation
  • Cons

  • Requires a 5.25" drive bay, meaning hardcore case modders may have some space problems

    1. Introduction & Installation
    2. Testing & Conclusion
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