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Antec Laptop Cooler Review


These numbers show that the Antec Notebook Cooler is definitely effective in reducing the operating temperatures of a laptop computer. Although the instructions say to use the cooler on a firm, stable surface, most of my laptop use is with my lap acting as my desk. There is a very noticeable reduction in temperatures while using the cooler when compared to not using it. I did find, however, that the cooler tends to bend slightly when on an uneven surface or being lifted, causing a rubbing sound from the fans. The cooler has a pleasant design, although that design can create some difficulty when trying to place a laptop securely on the surface. The cooler is slim enough to easily fit in most laptop cases, but the almost 1" height does create a noticeable lift to the keyboard. This lift can cause some wrist discomfort, although I am sure that a slight adjustment to the work area could eliminate this. The weight is not noticeable. While the two fan speeds are a nice option, I found that I rarely used the lower speed. The fans are quiet enough that even on the high speed, they are not very noticeable, and by keeping the computer temperatures lower, it prevented the loud high-speed fan on the computer from kicking in, which reduced operating volume. By powering the cooler with USB, the user is saved from the cost of batteries, or from trying to locate an extra power supply while using the cooler away from a desk, such as in a vehicle.

The Antec Notebook Cooler works as advertised with its nice design, small size, and being conveniently powered. It is easy to transport and set up. The large non-slip rubber feet on the base form a very solid base. The power cord is long enough to reach any side of the laptop, but short enough to not be dangling loosely and getting in the way. The product includes a three year warranty which covers faulty manufacture or faulty components.

This product worked very well for me. I would recommend it to anyone who regularly uses a laptop computer and is concerned about the operating temperatures, or simply wishes to not have such a hot surface resting on their legs, desk, or wherever they choose to use the computer. And, Also, as laptops become more and more advanced, including high-end gamer laptops, the temperatures will increase, making laptop coolers like this one a very good investment.



  • Aesthetically pleasing (looks nice)
  • Compact size
  • Powered by included USB, doesn't require outside power source
  • Brings down computer temperatures significantly
  • Very quiet when in use
  • Includes warranty


  • Cooler flexes on uneven surfaces or when being lifted
  • Cooler shape prevents some laptops from sitting firmly on cooler surface

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Installation, Specifications, & Testing
  3. Conclusion
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