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Antec Sonata Elite Review

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Antec's Sonata Elite was truly a pleasure to review; the design of the whole chassis is well thought out and works like it should. The AQ3 warranty backs up this statement, putting Antec on the spot if something should somehow go afoul. The included wire management was beautifully done and there was enough room to stuff the extra cords behind the motherboard tray, keeping them out of sight. Although the test temperatures were the middle of the group and sometimes a little higher, considering that the intake was completely passive and how quiet the fans were, even when set at the highest speeds, it is actually pretty impressive. The front drive bay door is hollowed out so that you can fit disk drives in there that jut out, which is nice. My only complaint about the exterior is that the power and HDD activity lights are pretty unidirectional, meaning that you can only see if they're on or not by looking almost straight into them. This case would make someone very happy if they are looking for a case to house their new HTPC and also makes a good option for custom system builders who want to have a more subdued, professional desktop. Installation was easy because almost all the Standard ATX standoffs were pre-installed! The inset on the front panel door comes with a nice 3D Antec sticker to put on, but if you're building a PC for someone else, you can just as easily put a sticker in that you have made yourself with your support line and logo, adding a very professional touch.

I was also pretty impressed with the lock on the front panel because, as I said before, I was not able to pick it, which creates an easy solution for anyone who has kids or teenagers that can't stay off the computer; it is pretty hard to log on to a computer that you can't power up. I never thought I would say this when I looked at the case's specs, but I think Antec has really come out here and bridged the gap between enthusiast cases and professional, every day cases. Not only that, but it only costs $120, making it an easy pick for a home office worker by day and gamer by night. The Antec Sonata Elite lives up to its expectations and then some. It is easy to recommend a case that takes so many steps to insuring the customers satisfaction, and a stable choice that will probably remain on top of the silent market for the rest of the year, at least!



  • Sleek Modern Style
  • Locking Front Panel
  • AQ3 Warranty
  • Standard ATX standoffs Pre-Installed
  • Quiet



  • Mid-Range Temperatures
  • Not a Tool-Less Case
  • Power & HDD Activity Lights


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  2. Closer Look (The Case)
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  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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