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Antec Skeleton Review

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The Antec Skeleton is another innovative case by one of the leading case manufacturers on the market. Providing outstanding airflow and performance, this case is aimed at those who crave attention for their high end system and desire easier access to components.  It is another alternative in the endless sea of computer cases available to consumers and does a great job of taking a different path.  The Skeleton is one of those products that you either love or hate since it is made for a niche market.  While the case is open air, that doesn't mean system components are vulnerable. I found the frame to be quite protective of the system.       

As with all products, perfection remains elusive.  The obvious issue here is the open air nature of this case, which presents a risk for children or pets within the computer environment. Steps should be taken to avoid accidents when using this type of case. Also, there were a couple of problems that revealed themselves during installation. The front panel connectors are definitely too short and it becomes a pain to reinstall them after every component swap.  I could live with removing and reinstalling the expansion slot retention bar every time I wanted to swap parts but having to pull out every front panel connector and then reinstall them is too much.  I would suggest getting rid of the moveable component tray and implementing a way to remove the 250mm fan in order to access the motherboard.  In addition to these issues, the 92mm hard drive fan should add more connection options.

Overall, I was impressed with this case. Build quality is excellent and it really makes a statement without being outrageous. During testing, the case performed better than the Torture Rack and looked good doing it.  Hopefully the cable length issue gets resolved in future releases.  With its innovative form and function, the Antec Skeleton should definitely be high on your list if you are on the market for a new chassis.



  • Cutting edge design
  • Convenient access to components
  • 250mm fan provides outstanding airflow



  • More vulnerable to accidents
  • Short front panel cables


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  6. Conclusion
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