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Antec Signature 850W Review

paulktreg    -   September 18, 2008
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Temperature, Noise Levels and Fan Speeds:









I am not going to give a pass or fail in this section, as the ATX12V V2.2 does not really have any references on which to base a decision.

Temperatures are purely for information only, as there are too many variables involved when installed in a case, which, by the way, it wasn't. Ambient temperature, processor cooling efficiency and case cooling fans all play their part on the temperature of the air entering the power supply, and consequently the temperature of the air leaving it. No valid conclusions can be made from this test.

DC Loading
Temp In (°C)
Temp Out (°C)
Δ Temp (°C)
Fan Speed (RPM)


The noise level from this unit was at no time loud, and compared favorably with other high-end power supplies on the market. It was very difficult to hear the fan at 704 and 1105 RPM but the noise level increased noticeably at 3084 RPM which is to be expected. The pulse width modulated supply of the fan will provide more accurate control of the speed but whether it makes a difference to noise levels I have yet to be convinced. I can say however, that this power supply, installed in the majority of systems out there, at low to medium power consumption will probably prove to be extremely quiet. Noise levels are, of course, my personal opinion, and what I may consider quiet could quite easily be considered noisy by other people.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (The Power Supply)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing: Load Testing at 110VAC & 230VAC
  5. Testing: Efficiency & Power Factor
  6. Testing: Temperature, Noise Levels & Fan Speeds
  7. Conclusion
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