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Antec Truepower Quattro TPQ-1000 Review

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Closer Look:

Pulled out of the package the Truepower Quattro 1000 is a semi modular design. The main 24-pin ATX connection, 8-pin auxiliary 12v, 4-pin auxiliary 12v. and two 6+2 pin PCI-e power connectioons are hard mounted to the chassis. The modular connections are just under the hard mounted wiring. There are five connections here, three for all of the peripherals on one rail, and one rail for each PCI-e connection.



















On the left side of the Quattro are the specifications. The right side and front face include ventilation slots to allow airflow through the power supply enclosure. One special note is that there is only one 80mm fan to remove the heat generated by the power supply. As an 80 plus design, the Antec Quattro puts out less heat, so therefore needs less airflow to remove the heat, resulting in a reduction of the noise generated by the Quattro.




The modular cables that come with the Quattro should cover just about everyone. Three cables feature 4-pin molex and floppy connections, three cables are dedicated to SATA connectivity, and there are two dedicated PCI-e graphics connections. The main power cord is not the usual 16 gauge power supply cord. Antec has chosen to supply a 14 gauge cord instead. The larger the wire, the less voltage droop enters the power supply.




One thing you should never do is to open up your power supply. Several concerns are raised; first and foremost is safety, and second is the warranty of the power supply. Just so you don't have to open this power supply up to determine the components, I will open her up. Upon first inspection space is at a premium in this 1000 watt power supply. The majority of the room is taken up by several large heatsinks. The modular connections are soldered on to a small PCB at the front of the power supply.



The view of the primary side of the power supply is dominated by the capacitor and coil. The capacitor has a rating of 450 volts 560µF and 105 Celsius. The secondary side uses Teapo capacitors and contains all of the power distribution points.



The fan that cools the Antec Truepower Quattro is manufactured by ADDA. This dual ball bearing fan is thermally controlled by the internal component temperature of the power supply. It is rated at 3400 RPM, .30A, 43.8CFM at 40dba. The fan spools up when the load is pushed, but was not annoying in the least.


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