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Antec P183 Review

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So I will go back to my original question that I asked - are you looking for a new case for your gaming rig or maybe even a new case for your workstation? Whatever you are looking to use the chassis for, you should take a nice hard look at the Antec P183 case. Not only does the P183 look great, it does do a great job at cooling your components. During the testing of the case, it was able to beat out the Thermaltake Armor Extreme Edition as well as the Cheiftec BL-01B. In the chipset and hard drive tests, it fell short on the GPU testing as well as the CPU testing. However I can only imagine that if you were to install the other three fans that the case has room and spots for, you would be able to see a dramatic decrease in these temperatures. When it comes to looks, I have not seen such a well thought-out case in quite some time. Antec has thought about every possible way you would want to configure the inside of your case and provided room for you to hide all of your cables to clean up the mess of wires you may have laying around inside, which will help increase airflow. The only problem that I had with the wire management was when I was trying to hide the 8 pin CPU power cable, as this cable was just simply not long enough to run along the back of the case due to how tall it is and the placement of the PSU itself. The overall design of the case is very beautiful in my eyes - I love the black and stainless steel look to it, as it reminds me of my refrigerator. I was somewhat disappointed that Antec did not place a side panel window on the case, though after thinking about it, I do not know how well it would have looked with the way the case was built, designed, and colored.  When it comes to storage space for HDDs, you will find six places to install a 3.5" hard drive, and all of them have vibration reducing washers installed to help keep the noise down inside your case. The front door opens at a 270° angle, and clicks into place when fully opened. This can make it nice to look at from the front if you do not like the idea of having a door covering your drive bay, while still giving you the security of being able to close it and lock the door to keep children out of there.

If you are looking for a new case to house your components, I would strongly suggest taking a look at the Antec P183 computer case. I was able to achieve some good-looking temperatures and the overall build quality of the case is excellent. You will be able to hide just about all of your PSUs cables that maybe messing up the look of the inside of your current enclosure solution. Antec has packed many awesome features inside of a nice looking chassis without going overboard and making it too cluttered.



  • Price
  • Drive bays
  • Included fan controller
  • Vibration reducers
  • Sleek design
  • Locking mechanism (front door)
  • Front door opens 270°
  • Dust collectors



  • 8 Pin CPU power cable
  • No side window
  • CPU and GPU temperatures
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