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Antec New Solution NSK 3480 MicroATX Tower Review

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What is my impression of this case? With the modest system that was installed into it it cooled well, and had ample room to install additional expansion cards and drives(within reason). Upgrades to the cooling capacity can be accomplished by adding two 92mm fans in the front of the case. The load temperatures with this case were well within what would be considered normal for Joe average in a workstation environment. The load temperature on the CPU in the Antec NSK 3480 were better by three degrees Celsius, while the hard drive and chipset temperatures were higher. Locating the hard drive in the upper chamber, with only the power supply providing ventilation, contributed to the higher temperatures. With no change in temperature from idle to load, the chipset temperatures favored the Apevia offering, based on the lower temperatures. The power supply kept the voltages within five percent of the rated voltage on all three voltages. While the price may seem steep for such a small enclosure, it seems like a bargain if you factor in the cost for a power supply and case.

The only real downside I experienced with the NSK 3480 is the location of the hard drive in the upper chamber. The hard drive ran warmer just because of the location of the drive. Overall, the case is easy to work with. Installing a modest system, that will not tax the power supply that is included, should not present any problems. Is this case for the all out enthusiast? Probably not! Would it work as a LAN case? Sure it would! The basic design would look great in any work station or home office. If you need a small form factor case that is quiet and cools well, you should get the Antec NSK3480.


  • Effective cooling
  • Price
  • Efficient Power supply 80+ rating
  • Easy cooling upgrades
  • Quiet cooling
  • Low noise output


  • Hard drive location in the upper chamber
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  8. Testing( Power Supply)
  9. Conclusion
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